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Nike typeface project are featured in Computer Arts! I bought my first Computer Arts when I went to school 10 years ago and is still the magazine that inspire me most. I'm really happy to be part of this issue.

The Nike project made with babusjka are a ADC Awards finalist and the typography for Nike, Oslo, are a One Show finalist😱 Winners will be announced in New York in May.

The Nike project made with babusjka is nominated for the ED Awards!

Adobe has picked one of my artworks, a collaboration with Mission Oslo a few years ago. Now used as the splash screen for Character Animation CC. Big fun!😀 Thanks to Mission for the project and art direction.

Featured: Truly Nordic. The word “minimalistic” is frequently used to describe Nordic designs. Efficient and simple, they are known for their clean lines and cheerful yet strict palette. But with all minimalist designs, the conscious decision of what to remove while still communicating its essence must be made. This process is the true essence of Nordic design.

New work for Nike! "Oslo" is a new custom typeface designed for Nike Concept Store in Oslo. Can the identity of an entire city be captured in a font? And more importantly, where do you start to look for inspiration? In the streets of Oslo, of course.

Featured: Magical Geometry - patterns in graphic design. As a visual language, geometry has become a key element in modern art and design, it has magic qualities and grabs our attention with its unique visual nature. This book is an in-depth study of geometry and its applications in graphic design, full of excellent examples that will catch the eye of the readers and enrich their approach to design.