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Delighted to write that OYS designed the identity for this year's Webby Awards show! Webby Awards is held in New York May 13 and good luck to all the nominees. Also, a big thank you to Babusjka for making the fantastic animated opening video🙌

We are happy to win bronze and 2x merit in the ADC Awards for the Pushwagneziser!😀🎉 Thanks to the team at Bekk and Grafill🙌

We have made a new and colorful identity for Gyro. A brand spanking new website with the oh so addictive gyroscope experiment 🌐 Have a look and get the Gyro experience:

The annual Lovie Awards was held in London and we are delighted to say Bekk and OYS have designed the identity for this year's show! Also, a big thank you to the awesome duo, Eirik Aanonsen and Petter Ellingsæter for making the fantastic animated opening video👏

This is the poster for the horror short movie, directed by Kenneth Karlstad. Kenneth’s work is atmospheric, expressive and often noir and the dreamer is fantastic. Find it, watch it!

Featured: Nike typeface project is featured in Computer Arts! I bought my first Computer Arts when I went to school 10 years ago and is still the magazine that inspires me most. I'm really happy to be part of this issue.

Awards: The Nike project made with babusjka are a ADC Awards finalist and the typography for Nike, Oslo, are a One Show finalist? Winners will be announced in New York in May.

Award: The Nike project made with Babusjka is nominated for the European design Awards!

Adobe has picked one of my artworks, a collaboration with Mission Oslo a few years ago. Now used as the splash screen for Character Animation CC. Big fun!? Thanks to Mission for the project and art direction.

Featured: Truly Nordic. The word “minimalistic” is frequently used to describe Nordic designs. Efficient and simple, they are known for their clean lines and cheerful yet strict palette. But with all minimalist designs, the conscious decision of what to remove while still communicating its essence must be made. This process is the true essence of Nordic design.

New work for Nike! "Oslo" is a new custom typeface designed for Nike Concept Store in Oslo. Can the identity of an entire city be captured in a font? And more importantly, where do you start to look for inspiration? In the streets of Oslo, of course.

Featured: Magical Geometry - patterns in graphic design. As a visual language, geometry has become a key element in modern art and design, it has magic qualities and grabs our attention with its unique visual nature. This book is an in-depth study of geometry and its applications in graphic design, full of excellent examples that will catch the eye of the readers and enrich their approach to design.

Featured: The Nike and ESPN work is featured in the great magazine A New Type Of Imprint. Happy to show the work among so many great and inspiring people like Peter-John de Villiers, Esra Caroline Røise, Kristin Austreid, Knut Longva, Sverre Malling and many more.

Oh Yeah Studio will represent the Nordics in a 4 hour creative jam with 6 other creatives in Spain! Oh Yeah Studio have been exclusively selected to represent the Nordics in the first time ever European Adobe Creative Jam, where 7 design duos from UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries. All this will happen in Bilbao.

Award: New Illustration Awards Berlin. On October 30th, the opening party of the Young Illustrator Award exhibition took place at the Direktorenhaus. As an unique connection between illustration and craft also the beginning of the Deutsche Manufakturenstrasse has been celebrated on this evening. A renowend jury has been chosen 30 artists for the Young Illustrator Award out of thousands of entries.

Talk: Pure North – A Conference about Scandinavian Graphic Design in Terms of Cultural Identity Oh Yeah Studio are going to Pure North Conference. I´m really looking forward to it! For many decades, the term "Scandinavian Design" represents a highly aesthetic and equally functionalist approach of design.
Read more here:

Featured: Art Prints Visualizing Norwegian Fjords in Trendland! Trendland Online Magazine is claiming the leading edge of organic, spontaneous trend information.

Exhibition: “New Nordic Fashion Illustration vol 2“ is a follow-on to two exhibitions held in Tallinn and Helsinki a few years ago, featuring artists from Estonia, Finland, and Sweden. The new display includes artists from Norway and Denmark, offering a comprehensive picture of the creative approach of the brightest Nordic illustrators and a selection of their works of more commercial nature.

I'm happy to write that I am working with some new t-shirts for Nike. If you are in the US and visit the Nike store, make sure you get one!